My name is Chris, and to get this out of the way up front… I am a YouTube taught Do-It-Yourself guy who knows just enough about wordpress and PHP to be dangerous. I run a single multivendor woocommerce site using WC-Marketplace, and I’ve always found it difficult to find helpful code snippets despite the generally excellent support offered by the WCMp team.

So, I created this site to be an easy to use and free resource for everyone. If it’s a code snippet or tweak of a template file that I’ve received for free or figured out on my own, it’s listed here for the good of the community. I have also commissioned several paid projects, which I will offer access here “as is” at a really nice price compared to what I paid.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this is helpful. If you have anything you’d like to contribute please let me know!


Post-Order Messaging Plugin and Tweaks

If you are looking for a decent way to have post-order messaging stay on your platform instead of via emails between your vendors and their customers, then check out N-Media’s Vendor and Member Conversation plugin. However, it is not perfect…
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Change the allowed size of the Vendor Logo

The default image size for the Vendor’s logo is a small 100 x 100 pixels. On my site, I reformatted my vendors page to look exactly like the woocommerce categories shortcode displays them. I therefore hid the cover photos and…
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Change Vendor Orders CSV Output

This snippet will give you the ability to modify the CSV download for your vendors. I did this for my site in order to enable my vendors to upload the CSV into the GoShippo shipping service. Since vendor-level integration with…
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Rename Specified Vendor Dash Product Editor Tabs

This snippet gives you the ability to rename the product editor tabs. On my site, I overrode the template to remove all the information inside the default shipping tab except for the weight information (used in customized CSV file export…
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Add a New Tab in Vendor Dash Product Editor

This snippet is what I use to add an additional tab to my product editor for information, text only. My site has several third party plugins which enable extra functionality that I have not had the time or budget to…
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Remove Specified Product Editor Tabs

This snippet will simply remove the tabs you wish to remove from the Vendor Dashboard’s Product Editor. For me, I did not need Linked Products or the Advanced tab because they were just not necessary. I also personally use the…
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Remove Random Orders Metas from Vendor Dash

This snippet is will allow you to hide any unwanted order meta data inside the single order page of the Vendor Dashboard. I’ve found that some things work and some things don’t, depending on the source. If you have any…
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Remove Random Metas from PDF Invoice

This snippet is designed to remove all the extra order meta data that may be showing on your PDF invoices. Many plugins will create extra order metas, for example I use Yith Product Add Ons and those order metas I…
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Send Admin an Email When Product is Updated

If you have your site set to require review of all products when they are published, it also means that the Vendors can’t update their listings without a review. That takes down their listing until the admin reviews and publishes…
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Remove Order Statuses From Pending Shipping

This snippet can customize the Pending Shipping section on the Dashboard screen in the Vendor Dashboard. The example shown here will display orders that are not Cancelled or On Hold status… since yeah, they’re not pending shipping. Duh. The previous…
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Remove Pending Shipping Widget

This snippet removes the entire Pending Shipping section on the Dashboard screen in the Vendor Dashboard. I thought it was a neat concept but actually was just clutter that made the platform look overwhelming. This snippet simply removes the whole…
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Yith Product Shipping Integration Plugin – $10

This plugin integrates Yith’s Product Shipping into the WCMp Vendor Dashboard by adding a new tab inside the product editor the input boxes.  It is designed to show the options that you select in the Yith plugin settings, just like…
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