Vendor Publish or Request Review Popup Plugin – $15

This plugin unlocks the ability for the vendor to:
1. Update their published products without taking their product down while waiting for the admin to re-publish.
2. Publish new products without admin review if they want to.
3. Request the admin to review their product for any reason, such as to make any advanced customizations that they can’t make themselves.

The vendor may wish to have it reviewed because they’re not comfortable with the platform yet, because this product may qualify for a lower commission percentage, or because they want a feature added that they cannot add themselves.

During the review request, they add comments which are emailed to the admin in a simple text email, and the product is given the “pending” status and it shows up in the admin’s To Do list.

This was a custom project that I commissioned a developer to create, and is currently in active use on a functioning WC-Marketplace website.  We cannot offer support ourselves, but there are detailed instructions to get this up and running inside the download. 

This plugin is not plug and play. Besides installing the plugin, this requires the non-overrideable WMCP core file class-wcmp-vendor-dashboard.php to be directly edited, another overridable php file edited, and a js file edited. This will need to be done during every future update by difference checking the old and new files and then adding/changing code. If you are not comfortable doing that please reconsider purchasing this.

Install instructions are provided inside the file.  The developer’s contact info is also embedded in the plugin should you desire paid customization or support.

Current plugin version:  1.1 (30 Oct 2020)
Tested and working with Woo 4.6.1, WCMp 3.5.10

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