Yith Product Shipping Integration Plugin – $10

This plugin integrates Yith’s Product Shipping into the WCMp Vendor Dashboard by adding a new tab inside the product editor the input boxes.  It is designed to show the options that you select in the Yith plugin settings, just like it was the normal admin backend editor. It works exactly like you expect it would.

This was a custom project that I commissioned a developer to create, and is currently in active use on a functioning WC-Marketplace website.  No support can be offered by WCMP Tweaks, but I have written up instructions on how I made it work for me.  This plugin only requires only very light setup and is very close to plug and play.  All customization takes place by editing the core files and there is no settings page or user interface.  Important instructions are provided inside the file.  The developer’s contact info is also embedded in the plugin should you desire paid customization.

Current plugin version:  1.4 (30 Oct 2020)
Tested and working with Woo 4.6.1, WCMp 3.5.10

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